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welcome to the Garden

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

the purpose of this garden is to create space for public learning and imperfection—without holding myself to any standards of frequent, polished, posting. i hope to cultivate this space slowly and patiently, planting small seeds that evolve into a rich garden and bear fruit over time.

much of the internet that we interact with is structured in streams—information passed to us in a fast-paced, chronological timeline that uses small, intense bursts of information to catch our interest. while this structure has it's benefits, it's not ideal for building thoughtful, connected digital spaces that evolve in a meaningful way as the internet continues to age.

this space will primarily serve as a documentation of the development of my master's thesis, where i'll be exploring the practice of "digital gardening" and how it can be applied towards community, relationships, and of course, music-making.

the concept of this space is inspired by the work of Mike Caulfield, and this article breaks down the practice of "digital gardening"

earlier related musings:

4 - 11 - 23

there is a garden—i am learning how to grow

through my computer screen. somewhere

along the lines, i was taught that a screen is

not an appropriate substitute for intimacy, but

today, that's not true—the screen is intimacy—

the strangers, the users you remember for years.

when they are inactive, missing, you hope they'll

come home. so the garden, and how to build it—

the garden can be organic and synthetic—the

garden is organic because i will build it with my


4 - 13 - 23

on the internet—it seems like

nothing dies, only hides.

what is a sanctuary?

why do we make sanctuaries

why do i want to create a sanctuary,

what am i hoping to protect/nurture?

there is so much noise, much of it unintentional, much of it too loud;

the noise drowns our a sense of being and distracts

as opposed to serving as a source of stability—a guide that draws us towards intentionality

how can we use the tools of today to create meaningful objects, spaces, and work that fuses functionality with artful living?


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