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letter I


so bold, in this instant

brave—i watched you

press through noise—onward—

never a sorry or hesitation, free

pressure and thank you—thank you and let go,

release. a left behind laughter—we slipped

onto a street, all trees bared

their glorious, delicate, branches

it was cold in the fondest,

—cold beside. afterwards,

i sat in my car and i cried.

silence reminds me i am

not perfect—i am not

infallible—silence begs:

consider each word carefully.

these things matter to us.

i want to see the world from the couch, singing, arms raised high.

deeply, i know i’m out of practice when it comes to love—so here i am today, trying. just a little distant.

you are birdsong and flight—whatever light could give rise to grows in the palm of your hand.


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