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welcome to my personal log of flowers!

 in 2021, i took my car from Florida all the way to Michigan. it was the first large-scale trip i took alone. amidst the  pandemic, it the most sense to drive and keep to myself, rather than fly. all the roadside flowers i drove past on my way to michigan became companions to me.

i figured that was when my fascination with flowers began, but as i was collecting photos for this page, i discovered that i've been taking flower photos since 2016 (!) how wonderful! it's been a joyful digital scavenger hunt through my camera roll to put these all together.

click a flower to see a story—i'll be filling them out over time.

 please enjoy this journey through my life as told in stories and flowers!

2022 - 2023 monologue

2016 - 2021 monologue

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