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nicole knorr


nicole knorr composer 2022 musician

hello, nice to meet you!

. . .who am i?


i am a composer — i am a pianist — i am a poet

i approach music as documentation and communication: through sharing my experiences, i hope to invite you into the perspective i have on the world. 


throughout all of my art, i'm exploring lines drawn,

lines sung, and lines that weave us together.

thanks for visiting my website—i hope you enjoy taking some time to explore all the corners of myself through it! speaking of, wanna see my story through flowers?

nicole knorr composer tree cloud

from me to you:

art leaves us because it is necessary

in the world, like rain water or sunlight

it falls into our lap

unexpected and welcome.

my music is a gift to those

who have taught me kindness;

i’m sending it back your way.

composing has offered me a bridge

to engaging and becoming

in a world that begs to be shared.

i hope to foster the creation of art,

to serve as an incubator and a curator.

i want to be touched

by something brimming —

pine or poem.

with love,



a tulip (the only thing) in Midway Journal, 2023

where should i be, in Glass Mountain, 2022

be/d/side you' in Mistake House, 2022 

a spider can't understand in Mistake House, 2022

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