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from me to you:

my work investigates transformation, change, and growth, often through the lens of the natural world. organicism and posthumanist perspectives influence my art greatly. 


my art engages these themes through experiments with the limits of notation, blurring the boundary between visual and sonic art——from card games to scores rendered wholly in colored pencil.


music is a living entity, evolving greatly each time it changes hands: from composer, to performer, to listener. this exchange motivates my work; i enjoy exploring the unexpected ways visual gestures manifest sonically.


i am always searching for a single point of connection, a way to meet listeners on common ground. ultimately, i want to lean into what is good and create more of it.

with love,



a tulip (the only thing) in Midway Journal, 2023

where should i be, in Glass Mountain, 2022

be/d/side you' in Mistake House, 2022 

a spider can't understand in Mistake House, 2022

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