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continuing on in the interest of a slower and kinder internet, i've built a compendium of flowers and the stories that accompany them. in the weeks leading up to this space's creation, the roadside flowers here in Ann Arbor have been fully blossoming and dotting the medians and sidewalks with color.

similar to a "travelogue," this idea came about to create a floralogue; however, i figured it would be far more fun to include everyone on this adventure and start sourcing flower photos from my friends.


all of the photos below were sourced from dear friends of mine and many folks i've met over the years. i've collected their memories and stories of these pictures and compiled them into one place. if you want to see my personal log of flowers, you can click here.

scroll down and click a flower to see a story—i'll be filling them out and adding to this compendium over time. my inbox is so open to pictures of flowers and the meaning they carry—come say hi & send me your flower stories! 


all of the following photos are organized chronologically. please enjoy this journey through lives told in flowers!

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